dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Disc Lock

Little update re security.
I've got a Granit Detecto 8000 which I found to be brilliant on the VFR.
It actually looks good (not that that matters but hey...), it fits over the front disks easily and fits under the seat no problem. It does however not fit on the rear disc.
However, I lost it this week and I thought I opted for the one with the additional chain:

Now, I thought that was brilliant, very practical and because you can loop it through for example a ground anchor, it is actually very long. On a "normal" chain you can only use half the length as you have to make a full circle, on this you can use a lot more.

Anyway, I tried to fit it and... it doesn't. It's hard to describe but let me just say that the part that goes through the disc lock is in the way for fitting it properly. I just wanted to give this heads up, so that you don't have to go back to the store like me.
So a little tip: try and fit it at the store if possible, or in front of it when you purchase it so you can return it immediately. Tbh looking at the design I think there's a lot of bikes it won't fit. The VFR is on the "ok" list for the disc lock, but there's no way it'll fit with the attached chain.

So, I'll go back to the store and just get the disc lock without the chain.

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