maandag 28 mei 2012

After a month... and 2000 km

So, after a month and over 2000 km, I'll just do a write up of my experiences so far.

My first reaction was, after riding it a bit and getting comfortable with it, well, it's deceptively fast. Dangerously, deceptively fast.
Compared to my CBF600SA, even with touring screen, my initial guessing of the speed was off by about 30%. And that's a lot. That's the difference between the national speed limit (120) and losing-your license speeds (160).
After a couple of days I was really thinking if I should even keep this bike as I know that it'll tempt me all the time and get me over 200 within seconds if I want to.

Anyway, I knew I wouldn't get rid of it. The bike still is everything it promises to be, on top of that, it looks fantastic.

So, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I went on a 300km round trip for the weekend, I got the Honda panniers (a lot of money and not a lot of luggage space, but they fit so well on the bike and are easy to attach/detach), which was just about enough for the weekend but nothing more. Her impressions were the following:

  • She felt that it was effortless for the bike, gear changes were less noticeable (always a good thing). This is probably due to me keeping the bike below 5000 rpm without me even noticing, you can really use the torque when riding two-up, making it very comfortable for both.
  • Her footpegs were to high-up for long rides. She's 1m80 so quite tall, and the rear footpegs really don't account for that, she almost needs to fold her legs double which isn't comfortable on long rides. There's space to lower them so I'll have to look into that.
  • She misses a support behind her back on longer rides. I'm planning on getting the Givi E55 when needed so that'll be solved then.
  • Slippery, esp with her textiles. I'll get a little anti-slip mat (the kind you get for your toolbox) that'll solve that issue.
  • Other than that the pillow was good, wind buffeting was good, so nothing that couldn't be fixed with a few minor tweaks.
A little something I was quite surprised of was the attention the bike gets. I got it in black, what I think is the most discreet colour, but still I get a lot of pointing, thumbs up and requests to rev it at the lights. Personally I think it's great and I give in to their requests without a problem, but it did caught me off guard a bit.

Anyway, I'll add things to the blog if anything springs to mind.

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